Summer 2024 Tiered Pricing

It has always been Luther Point Bible Camp’s mission to allow everyone to come to camp regardless of cost. All campership applications are reviewed and with the help of churches, donors and other supporters we have never needed to turn a camper away from camp.

By introducing tiered pricing at Luther Point it is our goal to make camp more accessible than ever by offering three separate options for payment. Luther Point has always subsidized the total cost of each camper coming to camp by 30% through the generosity of our donors. We are offering for you to pick which price works best for your family to attend camp, but also to allow others to attend as well.

Tier 3 is the total cost of camp, what it cost to Luther Point Bible Camp for each camper on site.

Tier 2 is our traditional fee, about 30% less than the total cost.

Tier 1 is about 50% less than the total cost and allows for people who might need a little more assistance to obtain it without having to fill out a campership request.

Additional aid is still available with filling out a campership request form.

Member Church and Early Bird discounts are still available in their entirety to be applied for if electing tier 2 or 3 for payment. This means if you belong to one of our member congregations you can still receive $55 off a full week of camp if electing to pay tier 2 or 3. All persons paying tier 2 or 3 are also able to claim the $15 early bird discount before May 1. (All discounts are 50% less for half week camps and 75% less for single overnight camps.)  There are no discounts available for people paying Tier 1 pricing.


Tier 1

Subsidized by Gifts

Tier 2

30% Subsidized by Gifts

Advertised Camp Fee

Tier 3

Actual Cost Per Camper

Full Week




Half Week




Horse Camp








Single Overnight




Day at Camp