Our Mission: Forming Faith, Pointing To Christ

Luther Point is a non-profit corporation owned and operated by an association of congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is a member of Region Five Outdoor Ministry. The camp serves its congregations and other groups, as a center for people to grow and share in God’s love for all people.

IMPORTANT: Read the information and policies carefully. 

Luther Point is a place to renew relationships with God, others and creation. Guests should show respect for other guests, camp neighbors, staff, and Christian traditions. Luther Point does not allow outside groups to use the Bible camp with the goal of promoting commercial merchandise as this would jeopardize our
non-profit status.

Retreat groups may reserve facilities on a first come, first served basis. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. (Member congregations can reserve up to 18 months in advance.) Telephone confirmation of any activity is tentative. To confirm a reservation, a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit must be received. The deposit is approximately one-half the total cost of housing. Changes can be made in the estimated numbers of people up to 14 days prior to the retreat.

The best retreats are those with well-planned schedules. It is suggested there be one adult for every eight youth. Adults should supervise their youth closely. For retreat planning assistance, contact the camp office.


During the summer Bible Camp season, arrival can be no earlier than 4 pm and departure can be no later than 11 am on Sunday.  During the rest of the year, arrival will be at 4 p.m. or later and departure no later than 3:00 p.m. (Specific arrival and departure times can be arranged with the retreat coordinator on a per retreat basis.)


  • Alcohol and drugs except for prescription medication and communion wine are prohibited.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings. Cans with sand are provided outside buildings for cigarette butts.
  • Profanity is not to be used under any circumstances.
  • Lower your voices by 10 p.m. and cease outside activities by 11:00 p.m. – voices carry extremely well over the water and in the dark.
  • You will most likely be sharing some of the facilities (beachfront, boats, game room, mealtime, etc.) with other retreat groups. Respect other people and their property, along with the camp’s staff, property, and equipment. Considerate behavior is essential if an inexpensive, neat facility is to be maintained.


  • No Firearms, fireworks, ATVs (this includes all cross-country motorized vehicles) and snowmobiles.
  • No pets.
  • A responsible adult from your group must be in the game room in the basement of the chapel to supervise any time a member of the group is there.
  • There will be no swimming without a certified lifeguard present.
  • The bay (Akermark Bay) is aquatically sensitive. Observe the “NO WAKE” restriction in the bay and near the shores of the lake. Use common boating courtesies when meeting other boaters on the lake.
  • There is to be no fish cleaning in the retreat centers, family cabins or on the beachfront. Use the fish shack to clean your fish and deposit waste in the designated area which your Retreat Host will show you.
  • No Fishing without a WI license. The lake is frequently patrolled by the DNR.


  • There will be a “Welcome to Luther Point” snack and beverage provided upon your arrival. We also provide coffee, tea and/or other beverages during your retreat.
  • Pop machines are located in the lobby of the Retreat Center.
  • No food or beverages in the bedrooms.


  • In case of emergency, contact the Retreat Host, and/or dial 911.
  • Candles can only be used for worship services and must NOT be left unattended. There will be an extra charge for cleanup of spilled wax.
  • Law requires hall lights to be left on at all times, but turn out other lights when not in use. Also, be a good steward of other resources (heat, water, etc.).
  • Park vehicles in designated places.


  • Our goal is to make you feel welcome and offer Christian hospitality. We will greet you, provide directions, help you with facilities and equipment, assist with boating, life guarding, canteen, snacks, meals, and other needs.
  • Programing is available by prior arrangement and at an additional cost.
  • We will meet with your group leaders upon arrival to confirm meal times, numbers, and listen to your group needs. Shortly thereafter the staff will give a brief orientation to the entire group.


  • Keep to the check-out time agreed to in your contract.
  • Your retreat group leader is responsible for reporting any lost, damaged, or broken items. Your group will be charged for any property damage done by your group.
  • Leave the facilities as you found them. The Retreat Host will give you a check-out list. Do not move or remove any quilts, pillows, or mattress pads from any of the bedrooms. Do not move any furnishings from any of the rooms.


  • Towels and toiletries
  • Bedding if staying in Luther Lodge
  • Electronic equipment (If you are planning on using projector or sound equipment, please plan on bringing your own.  However, special considerations can be made if you make arrangements with the Retreat Coordinator.)
  • Appropriate clothes for being outside
  • Bug spray
  • Sun Screen
  • Charcoal (We do have a “floating” charcoal grill for use at the family cabins.  The grill is to be shared with other guests of the camp.)
  • Life jackets for young children (Luther Point does have life jackets for your use, but are limited in the very small sizes)