Protecting Our Campers

Camper safety is of the utmost importance to the staff at Luther Point Bible Camp.  We take every step we can to ensure the safety of everyone who attends camp here.  The staff of Luther Point Bible Camp recognize that certain hazards and dangers are inherent in LPBC events and programs and  has taken safety measures to minimize the risk of injury

Staff Training:

All summer staff are required to attend staff training.  During staff training we learn about the many risks of camp and how to manage those risks.  Staff are also trained in boundaries when interacting with campers, how to identify the warning signs of abuse and how to report those signs appropriately.  Luther Point Bible Camp brings in many speakers who are experts in their fields to train our summer staff.

Background Checks:

All staff as part of the hiring process must sucessfully pass a national criminal and sex offender background check before employment.

Emergency Procedures:

Luther Point Bible Camp works with the Burnette Disaster Preparedness office and local EMS personnel to review our emergency procedures regularly.  All staff are trained in what to do in case of a stranger on camp, fire, severe weather or any other emergency that may come.

Medical Emergencies:

Luther Point Bible Camp always has a resident medic on duty when campers are present.  All of our summer staff are CPR and first aid certified.  During summer camp Luther Point has a nurse, on-call doctor and makes the entire local EMS system (fire, medical, police) aware of our programming dates and ages.