Luther Point Bible Camp Program Retreats

Healthy Habits: The Key to Wellness
January 22-23, 2021

Our Speakers:

Speaker, Wendy Peterson

Wendy Peterson is a graduate of Luck High School. She did her undergraduate work at Bethel and Augsburg Colleges and received her master’s degree from St. Mary’s. After teaching for 37 years, she got her certification through the AADP to be a certified essential oil coach and wellness advocate. She calls herself a “health summit junkie” who has attended countless classes and summits listening to functional practioners speak.

After being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions, she began researching to get to the root cause. She says, “I feel blessed that God has put so many amazing people, books, and modalities in my life at just the right time when I needed them. I have had so many amazing opportunities in the area of health and wellness that I just want to share with others”.

Wendy is also an avid gardener and a herbal enthusiast. She will be sharing from her experiences about habits that contribute to overall wellness. She will also share about self care and essential oils and offer some practical ideas for developing a personal wellness routine.

Light Therapy by April Johnson:

Can you imagine giving yourself (or someone you love!) the gift of pain relief and good health?

You’ll leave this presentation educated and astounded that something as simple as LIGHT & FREQUENCIES can stimulate healing in the human body!

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and book a mini session ($15) this weekend with all proceeds benefiting Luther Point. April Johnson, CLT, PLT from In Joy Light.


One night, two days and three meals: $100
Day Only and two meals: $80
Zoom Online: $20