The Dining Hall features a large dining room with a fireplace on the side.
  • Lakeside View
  • Working Fireplace
  • Canteen – Bring a few dollars and pick up a sweatshirt, candy bar,
    a t-shirt, CD, or other keepsake.
  • Men’s and women’s showers for use if you are tenting or using the Camper Cabins

Your dining experience

We like to serve healthy, delicious, food. We usually have a vegetarian option as well as a gluten-free* option at each meal. We always offer a full salad bar at lunch and supper. If you have special diet needs please email our Head Cook or our Retreat Coordinator.

*We have a wheat-flour-rich environment but serve items that are naturally gluten-free or are made with gluten-free flour. We endeavor to cook cleanly and make many of our sauces and spice mixes from scratch.