Summer Camp and COVID-19

Over the past couple of months the Luther Point Bible Camp Board of Directors has been struggling with the question if we can hold summer camp safely this year due to COVID-19.  After much discussion, prayer and a couple tears the decision was made to suspend all of our onsite programing for summer 2020.  During the discussion we kept coming back to the thought that “one is too many.”  One person contracting the virus at camp is too many.  One person bringing the virus to camp is too many.

We are committed to the health and safety of our campers, staff, community and world.  We feel it is safest and most responsible to suspend our programing to give the world a time to heal.

We believe in a powerful God, one more powerful than the coronavirus.  We also believe this God has given us the task to love and care for one another.  We are living into that calling every day.

We continue to pray for healing in the world, and continue to make our camper safety and security our number one priority at Luther Point Bible Camp.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Sam Campeau, our Executive Director.  He can be reached at: 715-689-2347,