The Impact Assessment

Luther Point is at an important place in the history of the organization as we plan for the future and freshly imagine our place in the impactful world of outdoor ministry.  An important aspect of discerning and planning for the future is taking an honest look at where we are now. This involves listening carefully to all those connected to our ministry.  In short, we need to hear from you!

To this end, we are asking if you would give us approximately 10 minutes of your time to complete a survey called The Impact Assessment, which will allow you to share your perspectives about Luther Point. Please take a few minutes to help shape the future of Luther Point, your voice matters! The Survey is online – https://www.research.net/r/LutherPoint2016

Thank you for your input for the future, and your care for this ministry. Together we are Forming Faith, Pointing to Christ.

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We welcome groups of all sizes, religious and secular, church related or community organizations. Come for faith building, business or pleasure! Luther Point’s facilities offer you a chance to: relax, revive, rejoice, regroup, reconnect, and reTreat yourself!

Contact us today to plan your retreat!

715-689-2347 or lpretreats@lutherpoint.org

Visit our Retreats Page for more details!

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