Support with a Point

For the past couple of years we have started a fund raising drive titled: Support with a Point.  The point of this drive is to provide real life items the camp desperately needs but does not always fit within our budget.  In past years you have helped provide a new walk in cooler, a new swing set after our former one was lost in a storm, acoustic panels for Shalom and siding for Shalom.

This year we are asking for your help in replacing our outdated folding chairs in the Dining Hall and upgrading our vehicles.

We have a beautiful dining hall, with very nice tables and wonderful food and hideous old bent up chairs.  Help us put our best foot forward for all of our retreat groups by upgrading our chairs to new banquet style chairs.  Each chair costs $25 and we need to purchase 160 of them.  Please consider purchasing one or more chairs by clicking here.

Our current vehicles get us by at best.  The best car we have is an Impala with 158,000 miles on it.  We are seeking $30,000 to upgrade our vehicles.  To purchase a new-to-us commuter car for college staff recruiting, church visits, store runs, etc.  Along with a new-to-us car we are looking for a 25 foot pontoon that will serve us for years to come with a reliable motor and nice seats.  Please consider contributing to this cause by clicking here.