Discounts, Deposits and other money FAQs


  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Your registration must be postmarked by April 1. An Early Bird Discount is a $15 discount for a full week,  a $7.50 for two-night camps and $3.75 for one-night camp. Day-at-Camp and Family Camps do not have any discounts due to their low cost.
  • MEMBER DISCOUNTS: Campers qualify for member discounts if your church contributed 100% of the member church association assessment for the previous year (equivalent to $2.25 per baptized member.). Member Discount is $55 for a full week and $27.50 for a half a week. One night camp discount is $13.75. Day-at-Camp and Family Camps do not have any discounts due to their low cost.
  • INCENTIVE DISCOUNTS: for ALL Campers: Only one Incentive Discount per camper is allowed. Early Bird Discount and Member Discount can be taken in addition to one of the following Incentive Discounts:
    • Invite a Friend Discount: Invite a first-time LPBC camper and receive: $20 Discount for a full week of camp, $10 for two-night camp. $5 for one-night camp.
    • Sibling Discount: The oldest sibling pays full price. Additional campers from the same household receive: $20 Discount for a full week of camp, $10 for two-night camp, $5 for one-night camp.
    • Multiple-Week Discount: First camp session pays full price. Additional sessions receive: $15 Discount for a full week of camp, $7.50 for two night camp, $3.75 for one-night camp.
  • A DEPOSIT of $125 is required for all full week camps, $65 for one & two-night camps, and $10 for Day-At-Camp. (Discounts cannot be used to apply towards the deposit.) The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable after May 1. If cancellation occurs prior to May 1, the deposit will be refunded less a $25 processing fee.
  • The balance of Registration Fee needs to be paid two weeks prior to start of camp to go through the Express Registration Line. You can bring it with you when you come to check in.

What if I still can’t afford for my child to come to camp? We offer Camperships for all programs. It is the policy of Luther Point that no one is turned away regardless of their ability to pay.
Click here for a Campership Request Form.

What will happen to my spending money? All money that your camper brings will be entered into their Canteen Account.  Any money that is not spent will be reimbursed on Friday in the Canteen after the closing campfire. For more information on how the Canteen – Camp Store works, click here.

When is the canteen open? At check-in and departure times. Also, once in the afternoon and once in the evening while the campers are here. We limit snacks.

How do I pay for crafts? Crafts are paid for with their Canteen Account. Crafts range from 25 cents to $5.

Will an offering be collected at camp? Yes, every camper will have an opportunity to donate to our summer mission goal.

EXPRESS REGISTRATION LANE! Get your health form and final payments in at least two weeks in advance and you can ZIP right through check-in with our EXPRESS LANE!