Family and Grandparent/Grandchild In-Camp

Family Camp @ Luther Point – Strengthening Families & Providing Relaxation Family Camp at Luther Point is more than just something to do with your family; it is an experience that provides what your family needs most – relaxation, time together, time apart, comfortable accommodations, good food, opportunities for faith growth, and getting to know new people in a safe, Christian community.  Families of All Shapes and Sizes means that ALL families are welcome – couples, single parents, cousins, grandparents, step families, aunts, uncles, close friends, lots of kids or no kids, infants, adolescents, young adults, and so on.  Some families choose to have one parent stay the whole week with their kids while the other parent comes and goes to work.  Some families bring their kids back and forth to sports practice.  Some families come and don’t even think about leaving.  The point is: Family Camp is a FLEXIBLE experience and you can make it work for your family.  Follow these links for info on specific Family Camps:

Accommodations and Meals Housing is in our comfortable Retreat Center and Family Cabins.  The Retreat Center provides hotel-style accommodations, with each room containing one full-size bed and three twin beds. Each room has a private shower and bathroom.  The Retreat Center is fully air-conditioned.  Our Family Cabins are small cabins that vary in capacity from 3 to 11.  Each has their own kitchen, dining and living area, and bathroom and shower.  The Family Cabins are not air-conditioned, but they stay very cool because of the shade and the breeze off the lake.  Families should plan on bringing their own bedding for the Retreat Center and Family Cabins.  We also have powered campsites available if you would like to stay in your own camper or tent (at a reduced rate). We believe that good food is one of the keys to a good experience.  We put effort into providing nutritious and tasty food.  All meals are provided in the dining hall (the Loktu Center).  Breakfast always offers a warm option – pancakes, waffles, etc. – and a cereal option.  Lunch and Dinners always offer a fully stocked salad bar in addition to the meal.  There are also always PB & J sandwiches available.  We are also happy to provide special dietary options upon request – including vegetarian and gluten-free.
And yes, there is always plenty of coffee.