Staff Info 2015

Hello 2015 Luther Point Summer Ministry Team!

It’s time to get geared up for your arrival at camp this summer. We are so excited that we are fast approaching another amazing summer of ministry at Luther Point. We can’t wait for everyone to arrive and get into the swing of things. Every single one of you is bringing something special to this ministry and we’re glad and proud that each one of you is going to be here.

Please CAREFULLY look over the material included below:

  • Questions that need to be answered by May 24
  • An explanation of some special ‘What to Bring’ items
  • Links to important pre-camp information

If you have any questions, email


There are several summer details that we need from each of you prior to the start of staff training. If you did not complete these questions by email, please follow this link to complete them:

Click Here for Questions Needing Response

Click here to know what to bring, time to arrive, and other details about the Lifeguard class.

General Staff Training will be held from Sunday, May 31 at 3:30PM – Friday, June 12 at 3:00PM. This is intensive, on-site staff training. There will be only one off-site night when the staff will be allowed to leave camp, which will be Friday, June 5. Please come prepared to stay at camp for the entirety of training as we take time to form relationships with one another and build ourselves into a strong ministry team.

Team Members who are NOT attending Lifeguard Training are invited to arrive at camp on Sunday, May 31 beginning at 2:30 pm. Staff training will begin promptly at 3:30 pm. Some people will be arriving at different times because of prior commitments. Senior Team Members who are attending Lifeguard Training have an earlier arrival time.

UPDATE ON HORSE CAMP TRAINING: Horse Camp training will no longer take place on May 30 as originally planned, it will happen during the main staff training time between May 31-June 12.


T-shirt ~ We will be having a t-shirt swap so bring a t-shirt to trade. It would be great if it featured a logo that has a story behind it. Maybe it will be from a concert you attended, a mission trip you were on, or a favorite local hang out. New or slightly worn will work!

Nice Outfit ~ During the second week of staff training, we will have a formal banquet night where we dress up and eat a nice meal.

For all the other information you will need prior to staff training; such as a what-to-bring list, camp schedule, etc; please click on the following links:

How do my friends and family communicate with me while I’m at camp? (being updated)
What do I bring to Camp?

Answers to Other Frequently Asked Questions

Bible Study Overview

Luther Point 2015 Staff Facebook Group

If you haven’t joined the summer staff Facebook group yet, do it here.