LPBC Associate Director Open Position

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PositionAssociate Director

Accountable To:  Executive Director

Overall Responsibility:  With a firm commitment to “forming faith, pointing to Christ”, the Associate Director serves the mission and vision of Luther Point Bible Camp through directing and administrating the day to day operations of the site, providing leadership and support to other staff, developing and promoting programs that meet the needs of the constituency, and working with other staff to provide a welcoming and hospitable Christian community for all guests.

Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Work with Executive Director and staff to ensure that all summer programs promote the mission and vision of Luther Point Bible Camp and are operated according to appropriate policies and procedures, with specific responsibility of developing, coordinating, and overseeing youth, adult and family programs.
  2. Work with Executive Director to recruit, train, and manage summer staff for all ministry programs.
  3. In conjuncture with the Executive Director, the Associate Director will create, implement and lead training for summer staff.
  4. Oversee the development and operations of both off-site trips and on-site outpost activities.
  5. Work with the Executive Director in planning, promoting and developing camp sponsored retreats.
  6. Develop and coordinate onsite volunteer projects.
  7. Research and provide direction to the Executive Director and the entire operation for the development of programs that meet the changing needs of the constituency.
  8. Serve as the Spiritual Formation Director of the summer seasonal staff.


  1. Oversee the ACA accreditation standards program.
  2. Facilitate the improvement, maintenance and replacement of all equipment in regard to program.
  3. Work with Executive Director to manage budgets for program areas.
  4. Oversee the day to day functionality of the year round staff, by coordinating shared tasks of retreat host, office manager, grounds crew and kitchen staff.
  5. Recruit, train, supervise, and evaluate seasonal staff in conjunction with Executive Director.
  6. Administrate the waterfront program, including boating and swimming, especially the training of lifeguards and staff.
  7. Provide oversight to the camp store, including purchase and inventory of stock.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Public Relations

  1. Promote program opportunities to congregations and other constituent groups on Sunday mornings and other appropriate times.
  2. Work with Executive Director to promote, develop and train the Luther Point Bible Camp Ambassadors program.
  3. Create publicity materials for camp programs.
  4. Manage and organize Luther Point Bible Camps social media & web site.
  5. Other duties as assigned.



  1. Solid Christian faith, with understanding and appreciation for the grace orientated theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  2. Bachelors or Master’s degree in related field
  3. Experience in outdoor ministry leadership and program development
  4. Demonstrates communication skills in public speaking, writing, and publications.
  5. A pleasant personality and an excellent public persona.
  6. Understanding of small group philosophy of ministry and the ability to effectively lead ministry teams such as year round and seasonal staff.
  7. Organization, time management, and delegation skills.
  8. Conflict resolution skills.

Helpful but not required

  1. CPR and First Aid
  2. Outdoor Living Skills
  3. Lifeguarding
  4. EMT
  5. High and Low Ropes


  1. Salary (Based upon the Northwest Synod of WI Standards)
  2. Benefits (Based upon the Northwest Synod of WI Standards)
  3. Housing (Benson Cabin on-site)

Application Deadline: September 6, 2016 or until a suitable candidate is found.

Send completed application with resume and cover letter to Rev. Mark T. Peters, Executive Director, at mark@lutherpoint.org. Start date is negotiable but preferably by mid/late September 2016.

Experience Based Salary Scale

For the Luther Point Bible Camp Associate Director

Based upon the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin Lay Minister Standards

0 $30,016

1 $30,674

2 $31,345

3 $32,032

4 $32,732

5 $33,449

6 $34,095

7 $34,754

8 $35,426

9 $36,111

10 $36,807

11 $37,517

12 $38,240

13 $38,978

14 $39,728

15 $40,495

16 $41,071

17 $41,651

18 $42,245

19 $42,844

20 $43,451

21 $44,068

22 $44,692

23 $45,327

24 $45,968

25 $46,611

The compensation scale is taken from the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin Standard for a non-rostered ministry specialist.  The scale is based upon a master’s degree in a relevant field. A person with a bachelor’s degree salary would be calculated to 20% less than stated scale. Along with the base salary, the Associate Director would receive benefits of health insurance, pension, and on-site housing.