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Beginning in September, Luther Point is inviting your congregation to take advantage of our new congregational ministry team, IMPACT 365.  The team will provide numerous year-round opportunities for youth and families to experience the fun and excitement of camp beyond the summer months.  Whether we come to you or you come to us, IMPACT 365 will provide meaningful and engaging ministry events, such as retreats, lock-ins, and worships.  But the list doesn’t stop there!  If your congregation has other exciting ideas for the IMPACT 365 team, we are open to all possibilities!

Are you looking for an engaging, challenging internship? Consider joining the IMPACT 365 team! There are still positions available. Click here for more employment information.

If you have any questions or would like to explore the IMPACT 365 ministry opportunities for your congregation, please feel free to contact us by any of the following:

IMPACT 365 Ministry Team:

Kristen Hussong, Program Director:

Luther Point Office: