Canoe Camp

Dear Canoe Camper,

We want to thank you for choosing the Luther Point Canoe program.  There truly is an adventure waiting for you at Luther Point! Your faith will grow as you experience God’s beautiful creation with the summer staff and other youth who will join you on the river.

While at Luther Point we want you to have a rustic, real wilderness experience while being sure you have the energy to enjoy camp. Meals on the river are planned with the following in mind: weight limits for travel, ease of preparation over a campfire, nutritional value, and popularity of the food.  Some of the food is dehydrated and prepared with wilderness trips in mind.  Fresh milk is not available on the river but you will have plenty of water to drink.

In keeping with the camping spirit, we must show our respect for the land and others living around the camp. In order to do this, the camp staff has compiled a list of items you will need to bring with you and also a list of items to leave at home. (Click here for a What to Bring List).  Since space is limited in the canoes, anything extra that you bring along will be left at camp.  Remember that you will be camping all week.  The counselors will help you pack-down to get ready for your adventure on Sunday after your arrival.  Meals will be outside.  All medications must be turned in to the River Medic.  Only medications in their original container with a doctor’s order will be accepted.  Camp will provide some over-the-counter medications (In camp facts sheet)  The River Medic will have a special place for all medications to be stored.

There will be a certified lifeguard and a certified emergency responder on your river trip.  All staff are trained in first aid and emergency procedures.  If it rains the group will not be pulled off the river. You will take shelter and wait out the storm.  If the weather is severe, every effort will be made to get you off the river and to shelter.  If you have any questions about this please call the camp office.

You will have an opportunity to purchase canteen items prior to your trip and after your return. You will not be able to receive mail while on the river.  All mail will be given to you after you return to camp.

Thanks again for choosing to be part of the canoe trip program this summer at Luther Point. May you discover God in amazing ways while you explore creation on the river.