Faith Lessons

This camp has always been very dear to my heart. I attended myself as a child. My son sees how great it is to be a Christian. He soaked up more in three days at Luther Point than in Sunday School all year. He was able to see how great being a Lutheran is. How fun it is to serve God.
~ Parent of a 9 year old camper

Serving Others And Serving God

The B.U.D.D.I.E.S. Program has given me so many amazing opportunities, being able to serve others and grow closer to God are two of the best things in the world! You make friends to last a life time, help yourself and others grow in their faith, and have a tremendous amount of fun while doing it! Let’s be real – what’s better than that?!
~ 2015 Buddy

An Amazing Experience
The BUDDIES program was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget! I learned how to open up and share my faith, grew closer to God, met many awesome people and found there are others who share my struggles and dreams. There is definitely no better way to spend two weeks out of your summer than as a buddy at Luther Point!
~ 2008 Buddy

Meeting New People

Dear Staff and Counselors,
Thank you for an awesome week…I had an excellent experience. I met a lot of new people. I enjoyed being there and talking to people I knew from Day Camp. All the counselors were excellent and very kind and nice. I got to know way more counselors than before. Talk to all of you later. ~ Letter from a 13 year old camper

Life-changing Experience
This experience was truly life-changing. We learned to work together as a team and to be a servant of God. People look up to you, especially the younger kids, but not only them, the older kids and adults too! It’s a great experience and opportunity to serve and meet new people of all ages.           ~ Buddy

God’s Presence is All Around

Witnessing the friendships and community grow is a powerful reminder of God’s presence. I remember seeing campers who didn’t know each other on Sunday were best friends by Friday. The beautiful thing about camp is how it takes kids from all over, throws them in a cabin together, and five days later, these kids have shared experiences that create a bond that could last a lifetime. At camp, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, who your parents are, or whether you’ve even been to camp before, you will experience something amazing. Luther Point is a gift we can share with everyone.
~2015 Summer Ministry Team Member

That’s God
One week after Wednesday prayer service While we were praying outside, one of my campers looks up into the sky and says, “Shooting Star!” We all look up and sure enough, the sky was full of beautiful shooting stars. I felt God’s love and overwhelming presence with us. Another camper replies with “That’s God!” and continued with Thank you God, you’re amazing and we love you! As we were laughing and rejoicing, I had a huge smile on my face and said, “Girls, these shooting stars are just for us, and he knew they would put a smile on each of our faces”. God revealed himself to my campers that night, but not only to my campers, he revealed himself to me. Sometimes we all need reminders that God really exists. He knows.
~2008 Summer Ministry Team Member