Dunk the Director

Luther Point is in desperate need of vehicles for our ministry with congregations.  Please help us through this special campaign and give our director the opportunity to get dunked!!  Every $10 or $20 helps!

One of the wonderful areas of ministry for Luther Point is the ministry that takes place in our area congregations – both through our Day Camps and our Impact365 team.  However, because this ministry happens away from camp, this means we need to transport our staff off-site.  Over the past couple of months, we have experienced some major vehicle issues and are currently down to only one van to use for our Day Camp teams to travel in.  We are in desperate need of some financial support to help our vehicle situation, therefore we are enacting this special fundraising campaign.

The Details:

“Dunk the Director” runs until August 5th – the day of our annual Summer Celebration.  At the Summer Celebration our Executive Director, Craig Corbin, will be subjected to a Reverse Dunk Tank (kind of like this one).  Every $500 we raise will give Craig the opportunity to be dunked – so, if we reach our goal of $3,000, Craig will be subjected to surprises from the dunk tank 6 times!!

To Donate:

Follow the link below to our JustGive.org page and give using your credit card.  The minimum donation is $10.  The site is safe and secure, and you can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.  A receipt will automatically be available for tax deduction purposes.  Your donation will go towards either fixing the transmission of a van we currently own or towards the purchase of a new van.

Every $10 or $20 helps reach our goal of $3,000!!  Thank you for your support!