Complete Camper/Parent Info

Registered for camp?  Wondering what to do next? Get all your answers here!

Things You May Need Before Arriving At Camp:

What To Do When You Arrive At Camp:

  • Arrival
    Drive down Luther Point Road for Check-in.  Summer Staff Members will greet you as you drive down the hill and into camp. They show you the way!  Find out what day and time you should arrive for your camp by going to this page, clicking on the link to your camp, and opening the “Facts Sheet”.
  • Health Form and Medications
    Make sure you have your completed health form and any medications your child will need throughout the week.  The staff will need to collect them and ask the camper a few medical-related questions so that we can make sure we can better care for them while they are at camp.
    Any medications need to be in their original containers given to you by the pharmacy. Please do not send Over-the-Counter Medications, as our camp medic has these readily available throughout the week. For more information, please see our Health Policies and Procedures.
  • Camp Fees and Canteen Accounts
    Make sure you have money to pay the remaining balance on your registration fee.  Also bring money to deposit for use in the Canteen (Camp Store) throughout the week.  Go here for more information on Canteen Accounts.
  • Camp DVD Orders
    If you have not all ready ordered a DVD, you will have the opportunity to order one.  Each week a new DVD is created with pictures and videos from that week at camp on it and your child’s cabin group picture will be on the cover.
  • Please do NOT bring:
    Make sure your camper DOES NOT have any of these items.
  • Don’t forget the Express Registration Line!
    If the entire registration fee, Canteen (camp store) money, and your signed Health form is mailed in at least two weeks prior to start of camp you can go through the Express Registration Line!

Information For While Your Child Is At Camp

Procedure for Picking Up Your Camper

  • When Should We Arrive?
    Find out what day and time your camp concludes by going to this page, clicking on the link to your camp, and opening the “Facts Sheet”.
  • Canteen Balances
    Visit the Dining Hall in order to reimburse the remaining balance on your camper’s Canteen Account.
  • Camp Store
    The Canteen (Camp Store) will be open for everyone.  Cash, check, and credit cards are all accepted.
  • Lost and Found
    There will be a lost and found table in the Dining Hall if your camper is missing anything.  Lost and found is kept for two weeks and then donated to a local charity.
  • Check-Out Procedures
    Your camper’s counselor will help you find all of their belongings in the cabin.  Check out with your child’s counselor or co-counselor, as long as the camper is going home with a legal parent/guardian or with the same person that brought them to camp.  If someone different is taking the child home, a parent/guardian needs to fill out a ride slip at registration or call or email the camp office (see the bottom of the page for contact info) to let us know.

Still have questions?  Contact our office at (715)689-2347 or

In the operation of the summer camp program, no child, as defined by program regulations, will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, age, national origin, or handicap. Any person who believes that a child has been discriminated against in any USDA related activity should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250.