Everything’s Connected Women’s Outdoor Retreat


Arrival: 9:00am Wednesday
Departure: 11:00am Friday

Are you looking for a bit of a break in the midst of the summer for yourself?  Are you interested in re-connecting with your outdoor spirit, while having fun and making a few new friends? Join former Girl Scout camp director and Pastor Kathy Tulman on a three-day Camp retreat at Luther Point Bible Camp. We’ll build and review a few basic sustainable camping skills, spend a day paddling (as weather permits) before returning to camp for our own fire and singing. Enjoy cooking Gourmet over a fire and spend a bit of time with God. Who knows, you might even come away with the skills and motivation to take your kids camping before school begins! Little experience needed.

This camp is held in partnership with Luther Park Bible Camp, Chetek, WI.

Deposit: $55

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